UNAK photo2Adam Fishwick is an Associate Professor/Reader in the Department of Politics, People and Place at De Montfort University, Leicester. He is a member of the Centre for Urban Research on Austerity and the People, Organisation and Work Institute.

Adam is Associate Head (Research and Enterprise) of the Department of Politics, People and Place and is currently the Faculty Head of Research Students, responsible for postgraduate research, in the Faculty of Business and Law. He recently held a Leverhulme International Academic Fellowship, which was awarded in 2019 for a project entitled “Methodological innovation for comparative labour research in Argentina and Chile”.

His research focuses on four key areas: (1) the political economy of work and labour in Latin America (2) the international political economy of development (3) urban labour and social movements in Latin America (4) grassroots alternatives to capitalism.

Selected recent publications:

4848Post-Capitalist Futures: Political Economy Beyond Crisis and Hope, Pluto Press (co-edited with Nicholas Kiersey

The Political Economy of Work in the Global South, Palgrave Macmillan (co-edited with Anita Hammer)

Selected recent events:

ESRHlvbXYAMr6RrTrade Union Activism Under Austerity, IV ISA Forum of Sociology, Porto Alegre, Brazil (with Lucila D’Urso)

Surviving Urban Precarity: Labour Exploitation, Organising Strategies and Workers between the State and Community, CEIL-CONICET and De Montfort University