Research and Publications

Adam is currently working on several research and writing projects, including:

1. Labour activism and austerity in Latin America. Continuing development of this project will be supported by a Leverhulme International Academic Fellowship. From February 2020, I will work at the Centro de Estudios e Investigaciones Laborales (CEIL-Conicet) in Buenos Aires and the Observatorio de Huelgas Laborales (OHL-COES) in Santiago. I will be developing a comparative methodological approach to explore the changing forms of labour movement activism that may (or not) be emerging with the end of the progressive Pink Tides in Latin America. The wider project explores how changes across conditions of work and everyday life in the current conjuncture are opening or foreclosing opportunities for radical, grassroots labour activism. How are workers responding to combined changes worsening their conditions at work and in the community? Are they developing new forms of collective organisation and mobilisation? What influence (if any) has wider social movement activism had on labour activism in leading industrial sectors? And if no new mobilisation or organisation is occurring, what does this tell us about the intersection of austerity and workplace modernisation in the current moment?

2. Crisis and Hope in the End(ings) of Capitalism (with Nicholas Kiersey). In this ongoing project, we are exploring the contribution of international political economy and related social theory for understanding the multiplicity of capitalism’s endings, rooted in a rethinking of prominent literature on postcapitalism. To date the project has been realised through a research workshop held in June 2018 and sponsored by the British International Studies Association, which brought together a global group of researchers looking at different critical interpretations of postcapitalism and capitalist crisis. Currently, we are developing a collaborative edited volume entitled Crisis and Hope in the End(ings) of Capitalism that is under contract with Pluto Press.

3. Labour, Work and Development Network (with Anita Hammer and Thomas Chambers). In this continuing project, we are bringing together a global, interdisciplinary network of academics working on and in the Global South. Following research workshops at DMU and the University of Sussex, the network led, in Buenos Aires in March 2018, a stream of the International Labour Process Conference, and a second stream at the same conference in Vienna in April 2019. Researchers affiliated to the network are working across sociology, political economy, anthropology and geography, on regions including Latin America, South Asia, East Asia, the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa, interested in understanding development from the viewpoint of labour. Members across the network have and are currently engaged in several joint funding and writing projects, with plans to develop further collaborations. We currently have an edited volume under contract with Palgrave in the Critical Perspectives on Work and Employment series, entitled Political Economy of Work in the Global South. More details on the Labour, Work and Development Network, its activities and its members are here.

4. Urban Informality (with Valeria Guarneros-Meza). In this new project, we are exploring the intersections of informality across work and everyday life, incorporating perspectives on informal and precarious work, informal relations of governance at neighbourhood levels and the ways in which communities navigate and survive these situations. The project is currently supported by the Centre for Urban Research on Austerity, with a research workshop to be held in June 2019.

5. Radical labour and the state in Chile and Argentina, 1930-1976. In this continuing project, I aim to produce a research monograph on the relationship between labour movements and development in the period of rapid industrialisation in Argentina and Chile during the twentieth century. Focusing on leading industrial sectors of the time, the book will aim to demonstrate the formative impact of labour protest on development strategy by mapping the trajectory of industrial development through the combination of economic policy measures adopted by the state and the labour process changes introduced in the workplace by manufacturing firms. It will also show how, by the end of this period in the 1970s, these dynamics simultaneously shaped the limited successes of import-substitution industrialisation and the radical experiments in labour activism of the 1970s. This book project is a development of my PhD thesis, with related work published in journals including Geoforum, Development and Change and Capital and Class.

Recent publications (click here for a full list of publications)

Workplace occupation and the possibilities of popular power in Chile and Argentina, 1972-6 Globalizations

El “socialismo cotidiano” de los trabajadores textiles chilenos: Trazando una politica radical a traves de la prensa obrera Astrolabio

Austerity and working-class resistance: Survival, disruption and creation in hard times Rowman and Littlefield International (edited with Heather Connolly)

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